All class fees must be paid half termly. All fees must be paid on the first week of term. Any fees owing after week 4 will incur a 10% surcharge. Any classes missed must still be paid for; this includes any holiday taken during term time. New pupils are welcome to try a free first class. After this you will be required to pay for the remainder of the half term in full. Notice to give up or change classes must be given in writing four weeks before the end of a term or the following term will be payable. Please note that if a class is cancelled and an alternative class is offered refunds will not be given.
Any student with outstanding fees by the end of a half term will not be permitted to attend the following term until all fees are paid. Please note that during Covid 19 refunds will not be given should a student miss a class or if classes have to be moved to Online.

All children must wear the correct uniform to class. This includes having hair tied back at all times, no jewellery, and hair worn in a bun for ballet classes. New pupils may wear non-uniform for the first 4 weeks only. Uniform can be ordered through the school or from a local dancewear supplier.

No food, chewing gum or fizzy drinks to be consumed in class, only water or fruit juice. Pupils and parents must be respectful of each other and all staff. Dee School of Dance has the right to remove pupils from the school should the terms and conditions not be followed.